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07:30 – Cyber Summary
13:00 – Voter Roll Analysis Executive Summary
19:00 – Canvass Summary
26:40 – Legislator Interviews with Curt Nisly and John Jacob
38:00 – Who IFA spoke with / How do we fix this?
43:00 – Take the Pledge
46:00 – County by County Analysis
54:30 – Past 4 Elections Overlay Analysis
57:00 – Mail in vs. Early Walk in vs. Election Day result analysis
1:03:45 – Registration File Anomalies
1:09:30 – CTCL (Center for Tech & Civic Life) push in Indiana
1:11:15 – One Day One Vote

Questions that Break the Narrative:

Did your vote count?
Are Indiana’s Election Systems SAFE and SECURE?
What does “your” Indiana data show?

Indiana First Audit-Action holds its first-ever Exposé, revealing the truth – months’ worth of evidential findings and data regarding Indiana’s Election Integrity.

As seen in many states on Nov 3, 2020, Indiana counties displayed a voting pattern that was NOT NATURAL or random.

Do you know which Indiana county election board held an emergency vote to close the polls at 10:30 pm on Election Night?

Only two champions in the Indiana Statehouse have the courage to stand up for real election integrity, going back paper ballots, and no more machines! Hear from Indiana State Representatives Curt Nisly, House District 22, and John Jacob, House District 93, during our exposé as well.

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