Elections Belong to We The People

We The People

What States Are We Currently Monitoring?


The People’s Audit started in Florida by finding nearly 1 million voters with undeliverable addresses. We now have cut that number in half while getting over a million voters removed at that same time.


The People’s Audit started in Texas near the end of 2023 where it also found 1.2 million active voters with undeliverable addresses. We are currently working with the grass roots to get them cleaned up.


The People’s Audit started in Georgia by finding nearly 1/4 of million voters with undeliverable addresses. We are monitoring the voter rolls monthly and working with the grass roots to get them cleaned up.

North Carolina

The People’s Audit started in North Carolina near the start of 2024 where it also found 142 thousand active voters with undeliverable addresses. We are currently working with grass roots to get them cleaned up.

If you want help getting your state voter rolls cleaned, learn more here.

What Are Experts Saying?

“The People’s Audit is the most simple, proven means of identifying real change in voter rolls and forcing accountability on all elections officials. Integrity of the voter roll is the foundation of trustworthy elections, and Kris Jurski’s model is the best in the field.”

Seth Keshel, MBA

Trump-recognized election integrity advocate

“Kris Jurski has given up four years of his life to address the voter roll issues in key states in his efforts to prevent a stolen election in 2024. He’s developed an excellent system for identifying voter roll issues which is now in use in an increasing number of states. “

Joe Hoft

Author and One of “The Hoft Brothers” , The Gateway Pundit

“Kris Jurski and “The People’s Audit” have been leaders in exposing massive corruption concerning computer manipulation of our voter rolls.

But Jurski’s work doesn’t stop there. His technology background has provided him with tools to clean up defective processes, identify fraudulent information associated with the voter rolls, and the ability restore a degree of confidence in a broken system. I have worked with the nation’s top experts across the country, and I count Kris Jurski and “The People’s Audit” among the best of the best in the field of election integrity.”

Professor David Clements

Law Professor, Creator of the movie "Let My People Go"

What Can WE Do?

Our founders left each generation in charge of this pioneering experiment in LIBERTY.  It is our DUTY to ensure the blessings of FREEDOM get passed to our children and grandchildren.

If you are reading this now, chances are you know something is wrong with our election systems. There is a reason you feel called. We want to help you become a grassroots leader and give you the tools and strategies to help you answer the call to this moment in time.


Know what to look for



Step up & into the moment



Find your precinct’s issues


What Can I Do?

What can one person do? You would be surprised what one person can do with the right network, motivation, & tools. And we can help you get connected to others in your area, who want to help.


America has been the wonder of the world, peacefully sharing political power for centuries. We have to come together, now, to preserve the sacredness of the ballot box.

We The People

In true American Spirit, ordinary people are coming together to do the extraordinary. People are doing historic work to preserve American values for the next generation.

GOD-Given Rights Can NEVER be LOST —
Only Surrendered.

Never Surrender Them!

God Bless America