Elections Belongs to We The People

We The People

What Can WE Do?

Our founders left each generation in charge of this pioneering experiment in LIBERTY.  It is our DUTY to ensure the blessings of FREEDOM get passed to our children and grandchildren.

If you are reading this now, chances are, you know something is wrong with our election systems. There is a reason you feel called. We want help you become a grass-roots leader and get you the tools and strategies to help you answer the call to this moment in time.


Know what to look for



Step up & into the moment



Find your precinct’s issues


How Can You Can Help?

We are in this situation becaused we believed all the condensending rhetoric that you have to be an “expert” to have a viable opinion on anything now-a-days. In fact, all we really need right now is more truth and authenticity.

I can tell you that the so-called experts can’t even validate a clearly incorrect address or investigate something like hundreds of names registered at a single address.

If you can help look into these suspcious records and see “This is not right” then you can help!

Can you use a website?

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The publically available elections information can be daunting for many reasons. But The People’s Audit has organized this into a simple use website that immediately focuses you on problem areas that need futher investigating.

Can you use a search engine?

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Most of what needs to be accomplished can be quickly verified with a search engine. Checking on an address or looking for a obituary will quickly oncover a fake voting record. If you find an irrgularity, you can report it right in our website.

Can you use a spreadsheet?

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For more advanced analysis, you can download speadsheets from the website to get a wider view on the voter records or suspicious addresses. You don’t have to be an spreadsheet wizard since we build them for you.

What Can I Do?

What can one person do? You would be surprised what they can do with the right network, motivation & tools. And we can help you get connected to others in your area that want to help.


America has been the wonder of the world peacefully sharing political power for centuries. We have to come together now to perserve the sacredness of the ballot box.

We The People

In true American Spirit, ordinary people are coming together to do the extraordinary. People are doing historic work to perserve America values for the next generation.

GOD-Given Rights Can NEVER be LOST.
Only Surrendered.

Never Give Them Up!

God Bless America