Kris Jurski

Kris Jurski is an entrepreneur who helps scale organizations. He troubleshoots security, financial and operational issues and then builds systems to fix them.

While looking at the 2020 election, one of the most startling discoveries was people who sold their homes and moved out of state were still voting from their Florida residences.

So he created The People’s Audit to help Florida citizens check who is voting from their homes. That system has since grown to monitor millions of voters statewide for anomalies on a monthly basis.

Kris was appointed to the State Wide Committee for Voter Integrity at Florida Republican Assembly in September 2022.

We The People


Help Restore “We The People”

Kris had a unique set of circumstances that led him to act in this crucial moment. As a first generation American, he was born in the US to two LEGAL Polish immigrants who escaped the ravages to communism.

As a teenager he traveled to then Communist Poland and was shocked by how cruel it was. This drove his curiosity to understand why all the counties invaded by Germany in WWII, Poland was not granted it’s freedom after the war.

Feeling grateful for being born in the US, he joined the Air Force to serve his country. At the same time the Berlin Wall fell, and his family still in Poland got their freedom.

He met a Venezuelean woman who he married. And as fate would have it, as he watched his Polish family regain their freedoms, he watched as his wife’s country was systemically destoyed…all because of a stolen election.

After waking up the day after the 2020 election, he knew he had to act.

A Powerful Story

Kris Speaks at the 2023 NFRA Presidential Preference Conference

The Message

What Does Kris Speak About?

Election Integrity

The Red Belly Rd Story changed the way we looked at the voter rolls.  Kris has decades of experiences verifying mailing addresses as well as finding fraud and waste in companies.

Socialism & Communism

Because of his Polish & Venzuelean families, Kris saw the evils of these systems and worse how they ruthlessly and  systematically infiltrate countries. The strategy used is horrific, but you have to be aware of it.

Leadership & Courage

Kris is an introvert who avoided the public speaking as long as he could. But he felt moved to speak out publically about what he saw in the elections in both the US and Venezuela.


Blessed To Work With Real Heros

The State derives its just powers only from the consent of the governed

Thomas Jefferson

We The People